There’s been extensive research over the past decade on the role CBD plays in helping reduce daily and occasional pain. The most consistent findings continue to suggest a connection between the unique chemical structure of this specific cannabinoid and inflammation—just one of many reasons why it has become immensely popular among many with chronic pain, soreness, injury rehabilitation and others.*  Of course, being so new to the market leaves many first-time users a bit overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the CBD delivery method best suited for their needs.

Best CBD Products

Let’s take a look at some of today’s most popular CBD products for pain, to help you better understand their unique benefits, conveniences and user preferences.

CBD Topicals

When it comes to the most popular CBD products for chronic and acute pain, more and more users continue to choose CBD topicals. They work in a liposomal manner which allows them to be absorbed through the skin, where researchers believe the active and non-intoxicating Cannabidiol compounds can help counter the effects of inflammation.* Today’s most popular and trusted CBD topicals come in a variety of forms including lotions, ointments, salves, creams, balms and soaps.

CBD Edibles

The rise in popularity of CBD edibles has a lot to do with the sheer number of users who report favorable results. According to regular users, CBD Edibles can help reduce pain levels, as well as post-workout soreness, stiffness and injury recovery.*  There’s a multitude of choices ranging from gummies and chocolates to lozenges and gels.  Hempsol CBD carries an awesome selection of CBD edibles, see them all here.

CBD Oil and Sublinguals

Used as both a tincture and a sublingual, CBD oil is popular among those looking for the purest delivery source of Cannabidiol.  In addition to its reported effect on pain management, many users have claimed that it helps improve sleep—an essential for normalized tissue repair and healing—as well as decreased stiffness, expedited injury recovery and more.*  Sublinguals also come in a vast array of sizes, potencies and isolates, allowing users to find the one that’s ideal for their concerns. You can see a full selection of the most popular CBD oils on our secure site.

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