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In 2011, a group of friends unintentionally began their journey into Apis Mercantile. Solely seeking a place to pursue their own hobbies, these friends took a communal peninsula in South Carolina and fashioned its backyard into a large garden. Though it began with vegetables and flowers, these friends eventually added two beehives to the garden, which ultimately changed the dynamic of what the garden was becoming. All members involved in the garden loved the beehives, learning more about beekeeping after their addition.

In 2017, two of the original group of friends established Apis Mercantile. This new business venture stemmed from a love of gardening and herbal remedies fostered in the garden. Using ingredients found in their beehives, Apis Mercantile initiated a line of hemp-infused honey products. What distinguishes this company from other CBD-infused honey brands are the additional products that Apis Mercantile utilizes from the beehives. In addition to honey, Apis Mercantile creates other hemp-infused products using beehive constituents like propolis and beeswax.

Apis Mercantile now offers a full line of honey and beehive-related products. They provide both CBD-isolate and full spectrum options for consumers. Regardless of its extraction method, all CBD products from Apis Mercantile offer high-quality CBD that is 99% active. Some of the hemp-infused options Apis Mercantile offers are:  

  • CBD honey
  • Full spectrum hemp honey
  • Propolis-infused full spectrum tinctures
  • Full spectrum CBD honey sticks
  • Beeswax salve
  • Propolis-infused CBD honey

Apis Mercantile offers a unique stance on hemp-infused honey, going above expectation by incorporating different bee-related components into their products.