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Gold Standard CBD is an Oregon-based company that specializes in CBD vape cartridges and batteries. Gold Standard offers CBD derived from organically grown hemp that is sourced locally in Oregon in all of their products. Leading the cannabis industry in CBD-based vape technology, Gold Standard CBD provides quality vape cartridges and batteries.

Gold Standard utilizes full-spectrum CBD in their custom blends. Though this could mean a combination of different terpenes and cannabinoids, for Gold Standard means it means including nearly all additional cannabinoids available in the hemp plant. This includes CBD-A, CBC, CBG, and CBN. Cannabis-derived terpenes, which are strain specific, are also extracted into their CBD products. The addition of these cannabinoids and terpenes creates the “entourage effect,” in which the therapeutic effect of the CBD is enhanced. Gold Standard also totes a solvent-less formula, increasing the purity and potency of their product.

One of Gold Standard CBD’s additional selling points is their pen battery that is intended to pair with their oil cartridges. Gold standard uses ceramic coils in their batteries, creating even-heat distribution. They also utilize a 510 thread battery, which fits nearly all other vape pen attachments no matter the brand.

Gold Standard specializes in cartridges of CBD for vape pens, but they also produce other items to round out their product line:

  • Hemp flower, with less than .3% THC per 3.5g package
  • Hemp Stix, or pre-rolled hemp flowers
  • Honey Stix

Gold Standard CBD educated its consumers about the safest and most effective ways to consume CBD. They stress dosage and choosing the right amount of CBD when using their products. According to their own guidelines, they recommend starting small. For instance, Gold Standard CBD vape pens should be dosed via five-second draws, while their Hemp Stix should be dosed in half-stick increments.  

Gold Standard provides quality, THC-free CBD oil and batteries that will satisfy the consumer’s vaping needs.