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Green Buddha Hemp Company was founded to help consumers improve their lives through using the cannabis plant. Based in Oregon. Green Buddha honors the cannabis plant as a source of healing, hailing its medicinal value. This company grows all hemp products at Green Buddha Farms, a company-owned property where Green Buddha employees tend the plants before harvest.

Green Buddha Hemp Company takes pride in their growing methods. Like farmers, Green Buddha handles specialized drip irrigation systems and utilizes crop planting methods that keep the plants growing in between seasons. Outside of their agricultural prowess, Green Buddha Hemp Company honors the natural growing environment and processes of the hemp plant. That is, they utilize organic compost teas and certified soil options, and don’t use pesticides. Green Buddha has also benefitted from growing companion plants that encourage the presence of pollinating insects.


Green Buddha Hemp Company offers several products containing full spectrum CBD that use grapeseed oil as a carrier. Their products have a single dosage range of 12mg CBD to 47mg, depending on the specific item. Green Buddha carries several types of CBD-based items for purchase:

  • Infused honey
  • Zen rub for pain relief
  • CBD cones for smokable hemp
  • Tinctures (pets and humans)
  • CBD-infused kombucha

One unique service that Green Buddha offers its local farmers is consultation and labor in starting their own hemp farms. They offer expert advice in transitioning local property into land that can support industrial hemp growth. Whether growing or simply purchasing, Green Buddha Hemp Company offers efficient products and services.