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Kava chocolate was founded by two sisters who were notorious for their love of chocolate and the native herb Kava. Hawaiian in origin, Kava has recently gained notoriety for its medicinal characteristics, though it has been traditionally used for thousands of years. Kava Chocolate, which infuses the herb within a chocolate base, has become a worldwide phenomenon. Because of this success, Kava Chocolate created similar products using different herb-based ingredients like Kratom and CBD extract.

Kava Chocolate sources all of their organic chocolate from the Arriba region of Ecuador, which produces the highest quality cacao beans in the world. Kava Chocolate ships these beans to Germany after harvesting, where a manufacturer in Berlin processes them until they are ready to ship. This chocolate base is shipped to the West coast where the Kava Chocolate plant melts and tempers bulk chocolate, turning it into single-serve bars.

Kava Chocolate creates their products with all-natural ingredients. The chocolate itself retains a pure, clean taste when it is organically sourced without the use of pesticides or chemicals. The herbs combined with this chocolate are also grown with this same level of discrimination.

Kava Chocolate offers a variant that utilizes organic, lab-tested CBD oil. The founders of Kava Chocolate take pride in their product’s CBD content, which is 100% active compared to the typical 30% in most other CBD oils. Kava Chocolate offers three CBD-infused products in 20mg in 40 mg options: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and gummy snacks. Kava chocolate offers a delicious way to consume natural herbs that are now being hailed for their health benefits.