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Kush Queen is a global brand that produces high-class cannabis products. Leading the luxury cannabis scene since 2015, Olivia Alexander founded Kush Queen and created the first world-wide cannabis brand spearheaded by a woman. Alexander based her business in creating products that satisfy a high standard, extending to the ingredients chosen to produce each unique item.

Kush Queen produces both non-psychoactive products rich only in CBD and products with a combination of CBD and THC, though a majority of their products contain 0% THC. Their product line includes many different items, a few of which have received accolade for their distinction amongst similar products.

  • MELT CBD lotion
  • Soaked shower gel
  • Defynt skin serum
  • Ignite lubricant
  • Tinctures
  • Sugar scrubs
  • Bath bombs (relax, sleep, relieve, awaken, and love)
  • Gummies

Kush Queen provides an array of products that address the many uses of cannabis outside of its recreational notoriety. Moreover, each product is available in a pure CBD or CBD/THC combination variation.

Kush Queen provides several kits for their consumers that include several different products that either compound well together or simply provide a luxurious experience to the consumer:

  • The Lit Kit: Bath bomb (25mg CBD), pre-roll cones for smokable hemp flower, and a chocolate edible (25mg CBD)
  • Canni Cure Kit: 2 mini bath bombs (roughly 25mg CBD), Renew lavender scrub, Melt pain relief lotion, and a chocolate edible (25mg CBD)

Outside of their therapeutic and health-related products, Kush Queen has expanded its brand to not only include other consumer items, like jewelry and apparel, but to educate the public on the benefits of cannabis-based products and derivatives on a global scale.

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