Sorry our website is currently not accepting payments online, to place an order please call our store.

Sorry our website is currently not accepting payments online, to place an order please call our store.

Little Flower Colo. Hemp Company is a Colorado-based organization that is run in majority by women. These pioneers have a hand in all aspects of how their products are developed. From farm to extraction, Little Flower takes pride in their organic and sustainable processing methods. Every step is completed in-house, meaning it never leaves the knowledgeable hands of Little Flower. All products engineered by Little Flower contain between 0% and 0.03% THC, which means they provide the medicinal benefits contributed by CBD, without the psychoactive effects of THC.

Little Flower’s products are extract-based, utilizing only whole plant-based blends. Though they specialize in CBD tinctures, Little Flower sells a multitude of CBD-based items.

  • Solventless rosin vape pen
  • Artisan hemp prerolls
  • Bath crystals
  • CBD-infused honey
  • Gummies
  • Skin salve
  • Skin cleaners and oils
  • Dog treats
  • CBD tincture for pets

Two of Little Flower’s specially formulated products are geared toward pets, as they understand that even animals benefit from hemp oil when dealing with ailments like inflammation, joint pain, and anxiety.

Little Flower Colo. Hemp Company is unique in that it aims to inform the consumer about the benefits of their products. They provide medical research on various technical topics. For instance, they explore how CBD interacts with the body’s natural chemistry, how CBD impacts the development of Alzheimer’s disease, and even how full-spectrum CBD helps pets.

Little Flower’s founders take pride in the positive ways that their products have enhanced their consumers’ lives. Focused on improving the health of both humans and animals alike, Little Flower Colo. Hemp Company creates full-spectrum CBD products that are just as effective as they are sustainable.

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