Sorry our website is currently not accepting payments online, to place an order please call our store.

Sorry our website is currently not accepting payments online, to place an order please call our store.

Receptra Naturals is a retailer that specializes in creating pure hemp CBD extracts. They are geared toward providing high-quality CBD to all classes of suffering individuals, including animals. Receptra Naturals strives to provide relief for global communities on all fronts by not only providing premium products made with CBD extract, but also through partnering with organizations that give back to farmers, families, veterans, and animals.

This chain of positivity starts with the hemp plant itself, which is grown in organic soil in the Colorado valley. Knowledgeable farmers cultivate each plant without the use of chemicals or additives, keeping the plant in its most natural state up until harvest. Receptra’s hemp plants are hand-harvested and hung to dry, naturally sun-dried without the use of any machines. Ethanol extraction is Receptra’s preferred extraction method, as this creates a pure extract that is ready for experts to blend with other proprietary ingredients.

Receptra Natural’s CBD extract is full spectrum, meaning it utilizes whole plant compounds versus extracting just one chemical from the whole plant. These additional cannabinoids create the “entourage effect” that Receptra prefers in their products. These additional cannabinoids work together to compound the already therapeutic effect of CBD.

Receptra Naturals provides several different CBD-based products:

  • CBD/THC combination oil
  • CBD tinctures with variations in essential oil blends
  • Body butter
  • Lip balm
  • Pet-specific tinctures

Receptra creates extracts with both their passion to serve and knowledge about how CBD impacts the body in mind. This results in a product that is rich not only in CBD, but in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. These contribute to the lasting impact of Receptra Naturals’ extracts.

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