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Sorry our website is currently not accepting payments online, to place an order please call our store.

Entrepreneur Michael Lewis founded Sprig, a California-based soda company that specializes in creating CBD-infused sodas. Operating since 2015, Sprig has found success by consulting with scientists and beverage experts in their formulation of the CBD/THC combination beverage. Though it does contain a low dose of THC, Sprig sodas are not psychoactive in nature. Sprig’s founder cites this specific formulation as fulfilling the necessity for a safe, controlled CBD beverage amongst the wave of marijuana reforms in California.

Sprig is an immense advocate of responsible consumption regarding cannabis-derived products – one of the company’s distinctions. Lewis sought to keep pace with the legalization process, hoping to provide a delicious product that delivers only a low-dose effect. In moderation, hemp-derived products encourage relaxation and even a healthy level of energy to continue with the day. Sprig’s products deliver on Lewis’ original goal.

Each can of Sprig soda contains 20mg of CBD isolate. Sprig’s CBD isolate is derived from all-natural hemp plants. Once the isolate is obtained, it is combined with natural sweeteners and flavors in a food-grade production facility. The end-result is a sweet, relaxing beverage that is currently sold online and nation-wide.

Sprig soda comes in several fruit-based flavors:

  • Citrus
  • Zero-sugar
  • Lemon tea
  • Melon

Moreover, each beverage does not need to be mixed or shaken before drinking. Sprig’s formulation specifically prevents sediment from forming while the drink sits before purchase.

Sprig entered the cannabis scene solely to contribute a healthy alternative to other higher dose beverages. Sprig achieved this, allowing the consumer to drink both effortlessly and responsibly.

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