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Strava Craft Coffee was founded in 2015 by two entrepreneurial coffee enthusiasts. Founded by friends and avid travelers, Strava sought the best quality coffee beans to utilize in their coffee-making process. This traveling background has indirectly created an exceptional variety of coffee options that take the drinker on a journey across the world. Strava Craft Coffee aims to take their consumers on a journey with every roast they create.

Strava takes pride in their farm-to-cup process of producing coffee. Their beans are organically sourced from cherries grown in coffee farms located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. These cherries are handpicked and processed within the local communities until only raw green coffee beans remained. The roasting process impacts how coffee beans taste, altering characteristics like acidity and even smell. Strava Craft Coffee ships their beans world-wide to take advantage of the different roasting methods that gives Strava its unique edge.

Though Strava Craft Coffee is traditionally a coffee company, they have recently ventured into health and wellness by integrating several coffee blends with CBD. Partnered with organic Colorado hemp growers, Strava has found a way to fuse full-spectrum hemp with their beans. They currently sell 6 different FDA-approved blends of CBD-infused coffee.

  • Focus (30 mg CBD)
  • Restore/Restore dark roast (120 mg CBD)
  • Elevate/Elevate dark roast (240 mg CBD)
  • Escape (60 mg CBD)

Strava Craft Coffee combines their expertise in the art of coffee-making with the health benefits of CBD to create a luxurious and relaxing coffee-drinking experience for its consumers.