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Hempsol Jarred Flower

  • Lifter - Skunky & Sweet
  • Elektra - Gassy & Citrus
  • Suver Haze - Rich & Fruity

All 3 strains are high in terpenes Myrcene & Beta Caryophyllene. The plants were grown in the Willamette River Valley in Oregon. These plants were bred using strict sustainable farming practices including zero pesticide use, pollinator-friendly companion planting, organic compost teas & omri-certified soil amendments, minimal tilling, drip irrigation systems for efficient water usage, cover crop planting between growing seasons, maintaining riparian zones, and solar-powered in-field controllers. The farmers are very serious about consistency, quality, and safety, and everything offered comes with assurance of an Oregon state-certified lab test.

  • 3.5g: $25
  • 7g: $40
  • 14g: $70

Green Buddha Hemp Co.

Pre-rolled smokable herb hemp cones. These half-gram cones are rolled using whole flower material in organic hemp paper cones.

  • 1ct king size pre-roll: $10
  • 5ct normal pre-rolls: $35

Gold Standard CBD

100% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS – Gold Standard Hemp Stix are made with only the highest quality smoking hemp and organic herbs. Ingredients include: organically-grown CBD Hemp flower, mugwort, mullein, and coltsfoot. Hemp Stix are identical in shape and size to a cigarette but are tobacco and nicotine-free. Hemp Stix are made with unrefined hemp paper, raw unbleached tubes, and a biodegradable filter. Gold Standard's Hemp Stix herb blend was selected based on each herb’s unique medicinal and mystical properties. Mullein is one of the most commonly used smoking herbs and has been historically used to treat respiratory ailments and promote relaxation; mugwort is known to promote lucid dreaming; and coltsfoot is a mild expectorant used to gently clear lungs of smoke residue.

  • Mint or Original Flavor
  • 1ct: $6
  • 10ct: $36